The Nebraska Crop Improvement Association needs part-time independent field inspector for certain areas of Nebraska during the summer months. You must be 18 years of age, have the ability to work independently, walk long distances, have reliable transportation and a tolerance to pollen. These positions pay an hourly wage and the IRS rate for mileage. If interested in applying for part-time independent field inspector with NCIA please click on the application link and complete the application form and either print the form and mail it to NCIA or click the send by email button on the form. Thanks for your interest in working with NCIA. For more information please contact Steve Pageler at 402-472-1444.


When completeing the application you must save it to your computer first then you may attach it to an email to spageler2@unl.edu or print and submit it through the mail.
If submitting your application by email please ask for a read receipt to make sure we receive your information