Board of Directors


The Nebraska Crop Improvement Association is dedicated to enhancing the economic viability and well-being of the people of Nebraska and the world, through value-added products and processes. W e will achieve this goal through an organizational structure which attracts the finest people, fully develops and challenges individual talents, encourages industry-wide collaboration to advance agriculture, and maintains the association’s historic principles of integrity.

PRESIDENT District 4 2024 3rd Emery Fox
Heritage Seed Co. Inc.
PO Box 544,
Crawford 69339
308-665-1672 (W)
VICE PRESIDENT State-at-Large (District 2) 2025 2nd Jim Girardin
Arrow Seed Co
P.O. Box 722,
Broken Bow 68822
308-872-6826 (W)
SECRETARY-TREASURER District 2 2023 1st Ruben Wehnes 617 Road 318,
Inland 68954
402-775-8101 (W)
State-at-Large (District 4) 2025 3rd Chris Cullan
Cullan Farms
6731 Franklin Rd.,
Hemingford 69348
308-487-5288 (W)
State-at-Large (District 3) 2024 1st Duane Muhlbach
Muhlbach Seeds
907 Westridge Dr.,
Ravenna 68869
308-390-6052 (C)
District 1 2025 1st Eric Nelson 1952 County Rd. 10,
Mead NE 68041
402-443-6752 (W)
District 3 2023 1st Conrad Nelson
Nelson Certified Seed
37629 W. Nelson Rd.,
Wallace 69169
308-539-1847 (W)
NSTA By Appointment Mike Fritz
Stock Seed Farm Inc.
2800 Mill Rd.,
Murdock NE 68407
402-867-3771 (W)
402-440-2540 (C)
IANR-UNL By Appointment Vacant
Department of Agronomy and Horticulture By Appointment (2018) Dr. Roch Gaussoin 133 Keim Hall,
Lincoln 68583-0915
402-472-8619 (W)