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wheat seeds
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The NCIA laboratory holds the distinction of being the only non-government crop improvement laboratory in the United States recognized as an Official Member of the Association of Official Seed Analysts. Our Seed Laboratory at NCIA offers comprehensive testing services for all seed crops, including Certified, Quality Assurance, Identity Preserved, and service samples. Our services are known for their convenience, affordability, reliability, and promptness. Free seed sample bags can be obtained by contacting the NCIA office. Upon completion, results are promptly emailed and made available on the Nebraska Seed Tracking System on the same day. Our laboratory boasts a rapid turnaround time for sample processing, along with expert diagnosis of testing issues and dependable results. Staffed by a full-time Registered Seed Technologist, our laboratory ensures that all evaluations, purities, and genetic tests are conducted by experienced analysts dedicated to assisting you in assessing your seed quality.